Hello from the Netherlands

Die Höflichkeit gebietet eine kurze Vorstellung neuer Forenuser.
Frigga Asraaf
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Hello from the Netherlands

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Good day to you all,

Some of you might know me since I have joined Ostara and the Eldathing for many years :D My name is Frigga Asraaf from the Netherlands.

Due to the pandamic there was a break of three years and it felt as such a warm bath to finnaly be at the Eldating again this year I thought to be a good idea to become a member of Eldaring. I have so much found memories and always appriciated the generousity of Eldaring.
I'm a germanic heathen for almost 30 years, a writer, a painter, a poet, a singer to name a few things. I'm one of the founders of blotgroup Het Rad and for many years we have been very active on the international heathen scene. The last years my foccus is on frithweaving with the Flame of Frith (Flamme des Friedens).

Although I can read German a bit, speaking and writting it properly is not one of my skills.
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

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Wow, Frigga, i have never thought that one time i would have the chance to welcome you in the forum!
Hartelijk welkom!
On the last Thing I was astonished to meet you again after too many years without a guest from the Netherlands.
As every time on the Thing there was not enough time für speaking together. Well, now there´s time enough.... :lol: :lol:
I look forward to a fruitful exchange with you - explaining the sight on our paganism from a Dutch perspective!
Many dear greetings,
Freya und Sahsnot, helft uns den alten Glauben zu bewahren
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

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Welcome! I thought the Dutch generally learn German early. :)
Nur ein Narr betet erst den Leichnam an.
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

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- welcome -
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

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Hartelijk welkom van een niet-lid! Ik heb al enkele (goede) dingen over jou gehoord. Op dit moment werk ik zamen met een ander oud lid van Het Rad, Alwin. Leuk, je hier virtueel te ontmoeten en ik hoop nog heel veel van jou te lezen.